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Quantum tubes

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2.5in x 36in Quantum tube
3.0in x 36in Quantum tube
3.9in x 36in Quantum tube

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2.5in to 3.9in ID x 36in long Quantum tubes.

Quantum tubes


The Quantum Tube (QT), is made from a special blended polymer that is extremely durable and easy to use. You will find this new material easy to work with and very forgiving. Most hobby type epoxies and paints will readily adhere to this material as well. The Quantum Tube can be squeezed, dropped, or even thrown and will not suffer damage as can sometimes occur to cardboard or phenolic tube. The Quantum Tubes are moulded in medium grey and have a glass smooth finish. The Quantum Tube does have one thing missing, the spiral groove! You will appreciate the fact that you no longer have to fill and sand the airframes to achieve the perfect finish.

When to use Quantum Tube:

  • With any rocket 2.1" through 3.9" that will not fly faster than 0.85 mach.
  • For any rocket 2.1" through 3.9" that may encounter rough handling or hard landings.