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Welcome to GB Rockets!

Aero Pack Motor Retainers now in stock.  2/9/15

38mm, 54mm and 75mm standard and tailcone quick-change retainers for PML and Blue Tube on sale now!


Shopping cart online. 8/6/15

The website is now fully functional.  Please remember to select your preferred postal option.


Website updated.  31/5/15

The website has now been updated to the latest version.  The shopping cart should be back online by the end of next week.


GB Rockets Hacked! 4/4/14

Sometime around the middle of 2013 I noticed some odd activity from a number of Chinese IP addresses.  After a while I got fed up with them messing up my viewing stats, so I blocked out China.

The same kind of activity then started from Japan.  I blocked the country out, which spurred activity from South Korea.

Pretty soon after, I blocked out the entire Eastern hemisphere.  I then started getting the very same interest from IP addresses registered to Microsoft!

Shortly after that, the website crumbled.  It seems that the hackers were trying to divert PayPal payments.

Thankfully they did not succeed, but they did manage to nobble the cart and payments side of the website.  There has also been some problems with contact form emails, which may or may not have been related to this incident.

The email system has now been sorted out, so the contact form is working as it should.  On the other hand, the website needs to be torn down and replaced with a much newer, more secure version.  This will happen towards the end of the year, as I’d much rather be spending my time building and launching rockets!

In the meantime I will keep the website updated, so if you have any needs then feel free to contact me via the aforementioned contact form.  Postage will be around a fiver for smaller items, or just short of eleven quid for a courier.  Alternatively, I can bring items to Black Knights on all meetings except the last two of the year.

Clear skies,